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ShredSafe® is an adjustable safety cover which can
act as an emergency stop. It will also stop the
shredder if it detects any forced entry.
ShredSafe® is a standard feature on all of the following models.
AS602C   AS620C   AS630C   AS645C
Aurora AS602C Aurora AS620C Aurora AS630C Aurora AS645C
Aurora AS670C Aurora AS675C Aurora AS695C Aurora AS802C
Aurora AS830C Aurora AS845C Aurora AS860C Aurora AS895C
Aurora AS1023CD Aurora AS1030C Aurora AS1030CD Aurora AS1031C
Aurora AS1052C Aurora AS1060C Aurora AS1200D
Aurora AS2130C Aurora AS1231C Aurora AS1233CD
AS1430CD   AS1550CD        
Aurora AS1430CD        
AS810C   AS811C   AS1070C   AS1080CM
Aurora AS810C Aurora AS811C Aurora AS1070C
  AS680MB   AS890MQ    
Aurora AS890MQ    
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