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Aurora AX595PK AX-595PK Scientific Calculator

The Aurora AX-595PK has a TrueView® dot matrix display, which is great for displaying fractions and mathematical operators exactly as you would find them
in a textbook. Combine this with TrueLogic® algebraic
entry and you have a great calculator suitable for use
on all UK exams, that permit the use of calculators.

TrueView® Dot Matrix Display
TrueLogic® Algebraic Entry
A total of 254 Functions
LCM, GCD and I-Div functions
Slide on protective plastic case

Various colour options available to order.
MOQ’s apply.

The AX-595PK is also available in a convenient class kit format complete with Gratnells storage tray, storage foam insert and lid CODE: CK-61

Aurora CK61

Also available and included FOC with the class kit is the PC emulator which is a fully functional electronic replica that will run on a PC, whiteboard or projector to easily enable classroom demonstrations CODE: EMU-2


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General Features 254 Functions
TrueLogic® algebraic entry system
TrueView® 4 line dot matrix display
Slide on protective case
Durable plastic keys
Battery powered (1 x LR44)
Screw fixed battery cover
Auto Power off
Dimensions with case (wxdxh): 83x18x154mm
Dimensions without case (wxdxh): 79x15x152mm
Weight: 115g
General Functions Multi-Replay function
Expression Editing
9 memories
24 levels of parentheses
×, ÷, -, +, =, π, √, M+, M-, %
Negative indicator
Fraction/Decimal conversion
Scientific  and Statistical Functions Degrees, Radians, Gradians
Standard Deviation
 6 types of regression analysis
Roots and powers
Trigonomics (Sin/Cos/Tan)
Logarithms, Exponents and reciprocals
Factorials, Permutations, Combinations
Coordinate conversions
Random Numbers
Statistics Data editor


  Unit Hanging Gift Box Sub Carton Master Carton
Quantity 1 10 80
Dimensions (mm) 87x22x158 163x230x100 350x480x230
Weight (Kg) 0.145 1.54 12.7
Barcode 6925781416120 6925781416137 6925781416144