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HC106 Handheld Calculator

The Aurora HC106 is an ideal calculator for use within
primary education and specifically Key Stages 1&2. It
has a clear 8 digit LCD display to enable easy viewing
and is entirely solar powered so no battery is required.
The calculator is designed for ease of use and has a
colour coded spacious keypad and durable hard
plastic keys. Also included is a slide-on hard case
which protects the calculator when not in use. Overall
a quality product which is very good value for
money and is ideal for learning.

Large 8 digit LCD display
Durable hard keys
Colourful spacious key pad
Protective slide-on hard case
Solar powered

The HC106 is also available in a
convenient class kit format complete
with Gratnells storage tray, storage
foam insert and lid. CODE: CK12

Also available and included FOC with
the class kit is the PC emulator which is
a fully functional electronic replica that
will run on a PC, whiteboard or projector
to easily enable classroom
demonstrations CODE: EMU-1

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General Features
Display Type LCD
No. Digits 8
1'000 Separator Yes
Key Type Hard Plastic
Power Solar only
Battery Type n/a
Auto Power Off Yes
Direct Number Input No
Rubber Feet No
Case Slide on hardcase
Dimension (mm) 73x126x13
Weight (g) 70g
General Functions
×  ÷  -  +  =  . Yes
Square root Yes
Percentage Yes
Double 00 No
Sign change key Yes
Backspace/delete No
Memory Keys 3 Key
4 Constants Yes
Large addition Key Yes
Large answer bar No
Cost/Sell/Margin No
Tax Function No
Mark Up (GPM) No
Currency Conversion No
Decimal Selector No
Add Mode No
Round Up/Down No


  Unit Hanging Gift Box Sub Carton Master Carton
Quantity 1 20 120
Dimensions (mm) 78x132x20 170x225x175 245x530x375
Weight (Kg) 0.084 1.8 11.5
Barcode 6925781412573 6925781413914 6925781413921