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30 x AX-595TV calculators ideal for KS3/KS4.
A blue extra deep Gratnells storage tray.
Compatible with Gratnells’ storage systems.
A clear plastic lid for secure storage.
A foam stacking insert for stock counting.
EMU-2 calculator emulator software.
Dimensions: 330x450x250mm
Weight: 6.8kg
Barcode: 6925781416557
Aurora AX595TV


TrueView® Dot Matrix Display
TrueLogic® Algebraic Entry
A total of 254 Functions
LCM, GCD and I-Div functions
Slide on protective plastic case

The AX-595TV has a TrueView® dot matrix
display, which is great for displaying fractions
and mathematical operators exactly as you
would find them in a textbook. Combine this
with TrueLogic® Algebraic entry and you have
a great calculator suitable for use on all UK
exams, that permit the use of calculators.



Emulator Software
The emulator software will run on a PC and when
combined with an interactive whiteboard and projector
will beam a large working replica of the calculator onto
the whiteboard.

This giant working calculator is viewable to the whole class
and it is also identical to the calculators being used by the
students. The whiteboard calculator makes it much easier
to demonstrate a calculation and also makes it much easier
for the students to follow the keystrokes and calculation
chain. The emulator is simple to operate and easy to use
and has been designed to integrate into an existing lesson
plan with minimal fuss providing a simple to use,
practical and fun solution.
The emulator is protected by copyright and licensed for use on a single site basis and can be used
by an unlimited number of users on the site. The software can be installed on an unlimited number
of PC’s on the site or downloaded onto a server and made available across the site’s network.
To download the emulation software online
click here to go to the emulators download page

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General Features
254 Functions
TrueLogic® algebraic entry system
TrueView® 4 line dot matrix display
Slide on protective case
Durable plastic keys
Battery powered (1 x LR44)
Screw fixed battery cover
Auto Power off
Dimensions (wxdxh): 83x18x154mm
Weight: 115g
General Functions
Multi-Replay function
Expression Editing
9 memories
24 levels of parentheses
×, ÷, -, +, =, π, √, M+, M-, %
Negative indicator
Fraction/Decimal conversion
Scientific  and statistical Functions
Degrees, Radians, Gradians
Standard Deviation
6 types of regression analysis
Roots and powers
Trigonomics (Sin/Cos/Tan)
Logarithms, Exponents and reciprocals
Factorials, Permutations, Combinations
Coordinate conversions
Random Numbers
Statistics Data editor


  Unit Pallet Quantity
Quantity 1 30
Dimensions (mm) 330x450x250 1000x1200x1600
Weight (Kg) 6.8 204
Barcode 6925781416557 -